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Bar Keepers Friend Range

The Original Cleanser & Polish

Original Cleanser

  • Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser started it all back in 1882.  This is our Classic formula in its Original state.  This powdered cleanser is the most flexible choice for any surface or stain.

What began as a polish for brass rails in turn of the century taverns, Bar Keepers Friend Cleanser & Polish has become the premium house-hold cleanser.  Using a non-bleach, plant based cleanser plus mineral scrubbing micro particles, BKF attacks tough stains from two directions.  The oxalic acid, found in plants such as rhubarb, attacks hard rust and lime stains at the molecular level, breaking up the bonds that hold them together.  Once those bonds are broken, the mineral micro scrubbing particles move in to finish the job, polishing as they remove deposits.  
This 2-stage method of cleaning is why Bar Keepers Friend is so popular for cleaning nearly every surface in your home, garage, patio, or workplace.
Transparent Cleanser 340g Master JPG.png

Soft Cleanser

  • This liquid version of Bar Keepers Friend is the same formula as the Classic Cleanser & Polish.  Soft Cleanser is premixed so you get consistent cleaning and scrubbing power every time.

Transparent Soft Cleanser 737g.png

Cookware Cleanser & Polish

  • Just because your pots and pans take a beating, doesn’t mean you can’t keep them looking nice.  BKF Cookware Cleanser is specially formulated to tackle grease, rust stains, and other mineral deposits that can form on stainless steel or copper cookware.

Transparent Cookware Cleanser & Polish.p

Cooktop Cleaner

  • Do you have rings on your stove top where a pot boiled over?  Those rings are made from caramelized starch and sugars that hardened on the hot surface.  BKF Cooktop Cleaner has been formulated to break up those deposits and keep your induction cooktop looking nice.

Transparent Cooktop Cleaner 369g MASTER.

MORE Spray & Foam

  • Spray & Foam is our plant-based cleanser in a bottle that can do amazing things. Our flexible bottle can apply BKF in a spray for quick cleaning or a foam for clinging to surfaces, and do both upright or upside down!  This is also the gentlest form of BKF as the scrubbing micro particles have been removed.

Transparent MORE Spray & Foam 750ml Mast
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