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How-To Videos

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Soap Scum

  • Check out this shower with years of staining, being renewed with Bar Keepers Friend. Soap scum and mineral deposits, or hard water stains cause some serious issues in bathrooms everywhere. Tackle it with BKF.

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Cookware

  • Bar Keepers Friend Screams through Cookware. This video shows the difference between Bar Keepers Friend and your ordinary dish soap when it comes to tough stains.

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Rust

  • In this video, Bar Keepers Friend Soft Cleanser is used to remove rust from an old golf trundler. Check it out, the shine is something else!

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Stainless Steel

  • Tired and dull stainless steel sink boring your kitchen? This video shows the transformation using Bar Keepers Friend. Let it shine, let it shine!

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Limescale on Chrome Taps

  • These bathroom taps are absolutely caked in limescale, but taken care of with ease, using Bar Keepers Friend. The shine it produces is unreal!

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Plate Scratches

  • Little bit of a secret tip on this one. Often, plates and mugs are marked with scratches from knives and other cutlery. These can be simply removed with Bar Keepers Friend.

Bar Keepers Friend Vs Tea and Coffee Stains

  • Removing tea or coffee stains from your favourite mugs has never been easier than with Bar Keepers Friend. This video shows you why.

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