1 Product, 100 Uses

The complete guide to renewing your home with 1 incredible product.

The Love for Bar Keepers Friend is EVERYWHERE.

I really mean it.

People swear by it, and with good reason.


It works!


So to celebrate the release of Bar Keepers Friend in New Zealand, we've decided to put together THE comprehensive list (with links, images and video) of reasons to love these incredible products.

 Bar Keepers Friend has been a revelation for restoring a multitude of surfaces since it's inception in 1882.


Loved by many in it's native USA for turning heavy cleaning jobs into a small task, bringing life back into homes and cutting maintenance time on a range of upkeeping tasks.



Bar Keepers Friend NZ. Restore scratched plates.
Before and After Bar Keepers Friend. Stainless Steel Pan.
Bar Keepers Friend Cleans Taps!
Bar Keepers Friend Restores your dishwasher.
Bar Keepers Friend Restores your dishwasher.
What will Bar Keepers Friend do on my Oven.
Bar Keepers Friend On my cooktop.
Bar Keepers Friend On my cooktop.
How to restore copper with bar keepers friend.

Lounge, Bedroom & Dining

The Best household cleaning products available.


Bar Keepers Friend Removes Rust like you wouldn't believe.
Bar Keepers Friend Laundry Sink Before
Bar Keepers Friend Laundry Sink After


Bar Keepers Friend Best BBQ Cleaner Around.


Bar Keepers Friend will even do Ice Skates!

Brass Ashtray - Here we've included two links as I wasn't quite sure which one I liked best. EMMH and I Dream of Cleanie both have great content regarding the polishing of brass, specifically ashtrays using Bar Keepers Friend.


Mineral Deposits - In general, there are certain stains that are incredibly tough. Mineral deposits are one of them. As described in this products caption they are what is responsible for this toilets disgusting outbreak.

Bar Keepers Friend for Musicians

Homebrew Equipment - The choice to brew your own beer can be one riddled in value. Though the cleaning side of it can be less than pleasant. Bar Keepers Friend, however, will help slash the time needed for preparing your system. A user submitted enthusiast share this with us here.

Hardware - Our final piece is a double from one of our favourite reviewers already listed twice in our roundup. Jenna from rainonatinroof.comshow the simplicity of restoring hardware (specifically in this case for a bar cabinet). Rounding out nicely as its original use was for bar keepers way back in 1882.



Caution: A word of caution must be known that it is recommended all Bar Keepers Friend products be used in a way where thorough rinsing of the excess product is possible.

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