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The Best Household Cleaning Products Available

Does it really work?

  • There are thousands of reviews online. We invite you to simple google search "Bar Keepers Friend" and the solution you're looking for.  For example "Bar Keepers Friend Stainless Steel" or "Bar Keepers Friend Rust".

  • Check out these videos HERE for some of our guides, for some solutions around the home.

  • Check out THIS page for an idea of just how many surfaces Bar Keepers Friend will be responsible for cleaning.

  • This demonstration video to the right shows just how it compares to some other products on the market.

What is Bar Keepers Friend?

  • Frequently regarded as the world's best cleaning products.

  • Used to clean showers, stainless steel, tubs, toilets, brass, copper, ovens pots, and more.

  • Removes hard water stains, rust, tarnish, soap scum, grease and more.

  • Active ingredients come from plants like rhubarb and spinach.

  • First created in 1882 and now used in millions of homes around the world.

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  • We have a few products in our range, specifically designed to suit whichever surface or solution you're looking for.

  • Try a powdered product on your tough stuff, like shower glass, non-porous tile or oven doors.

  • Use the liquids for an easy-to-use solution for stainless steel, cooktops or tubs.

  • Try the Spray on delicate surfaces, like chrome or appliance finishes, or maintain those surfaces with this spray & wipe solution.

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